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AVA RR Day Pics

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Managed to get a few (not all) of the cars at the Scots MLR RR day @ AVA. If anyone want a high resolution image (2MB) of their car drop me a pm ;)
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Looks a great day- sorry I missed yet another meeting :cry:

warped discs after 1 week :rolleyes:

316 ATW, oooohhh deary dear :eek:

I'll hold my judgement ;)
Could the 400 reults be down to the chosen gear- as I assume they will have run all cars in 3rd :confused:

Totally different ratios given the 6 gears on the 400 ;)
WULLIE said:
the guys reckon it was due to the exhaust restricting the flow.

they ran the 8's in fourth due to the shorter gear ratio.

but even the 260 was quite an accurate result (not sure if it has same g/box) if it has then it cant have been down to that.

damd VI, did say that there wasnt much difference between it and mine coming away from stirling services. although it was only 2 gears and then slow again. but surely 60bhp should be a considerable difference.
The 260 is a 5 speed mate.

You would have thought the 400 would have a substancial gain on most of the stage 1/2 cars :confused:

Feel for the guy that shelled all that cash
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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