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Autotronic ECU and MOT,s

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AS above is the ecu mapped to pass MOT regs using this ecu.

Do you have to replace it with the standard at MOT time.

Cheers .
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You could have it mapped to pass the MOT but I susspect you wouldnt get the greatest performance.

I dont think my own would pass the emmisions being mapped for performance and fully decatted. Someone said to me if you stick the AL on and off it goes into cool down mode and fires mostly air into the cylinder on second fire (or something) and that brings the emmisions right down to a passable level? Dont know how true that is..

So its either every time the MOT is due, stick the cat back on and/or get it mapped to pass or buy the MOT dude a few pints. ;)
ps crypt your SUBARU will be ready monday/tuesday :D
About bloody time.

Lazy git. :moon:
evo400 said:
WTF traitor LETS GET HIM !!!!!
And its not my Subaru. :p
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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