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I posted this site once before in another topic, but got no responses. Seeing as how the Evo's have the manual water spray for the intercooler, the mods required to fit this unit are small.

I know that the GEMS ECU can perform this function, but if you don't have the money/need for the new ECU, then this could prove to be a cheaper alternative.

The Autospeed Water Spray works on the difference in ambient temp and the core temp of the intercooler and also ties into the fuel injection system to monitor when it is passing large amounts of fuel (both of these parameters are adjustable)

So, has anyone tried/heard anything around this product? (for review)|EQU|ad and amp;category|EQU|288 (to buy)

The cost of this unit is £56 for the system in a case (external mounting) and £28 for the uncased system (internal mounting)

Any thoughts?


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It looks a good solution and pretty easy to fit. I think Autospeed is a respected web site, so I dont think they'd be selling/promoting rubbish.
I was thinking of doing something similar myself, but instead on monitoring the fuel system I would have monitored the boost level - would work out more expensive though.
The only worry I have with some automtic systems is that they don't monitor how much water is left in the tank. If you run dry, I'm not sure how the pump will react to being fired with no water to pump!
Other than that, bite the bullet and try it. Incidently, as you've found the Autospeed web site, I recommend looking at the book 21st Century Performance .

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I am going to fit (or have fitted) a pressure switch which will operate off the Manifold Air Pressure. This can be tapped in like the boost gauge from the intake chamber as you would fit a boost gauge. This would appear quite simple and could be wired across the existing switch in the cockpit to operate the spray at a give boost pressure. I think you can vary the boost pressure from 10psi upwards. Any ideas for a bigger tank though? 2l won't last five minutes.


P.S I believe a pressure switch can be had for about 25 quid.

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SteveP, I think there is a major shortcoming with your solution, in that once the boost passes the threshold the water spray is going to be turned fully on. I would prefer to 'pulse' the pump, as i believe you really want a fine mist sprayed into the intercooler, as opposed to trying to drown it.
With a temp probe you could also monitor the effect of the spray on the charge temp and only re-spray when it starts to rise.
I still cant see anybody getting a better solution than the autospeed kit if you dont want much messing around.
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