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I have decided to go a different route with my car protection and as such have this for sale. Looking for £40 delivered, re-coup initial outlay. Said to be very good, so if you want to spruce your car for the summer then this is the stuff to use. Says it can be used on cars up to 5 yrs old.

Advert details 'borrowed' from another thread

Brand New Autoglym Lifeshine PDI Kit, open but unused.

These Kits are not available to the Public or in Shops, and are basically a kit which consists of....

1 x 100ml Gloss protectant
Multi-polymer Sealant for new and good condition vehicle paintwork,keeping it looking like new.

1 x 500ml or 2 x 250ml Upholstery&carpet protector-
Keep your leather seats and carpets clean and stain protected (like Scotchguard)

1 x Glass Guard
Uses - Side and rear automotive exterior glass.
Imparts long-term water,scratch and soil resistant finish.

1 x Screenwash Booster SW59/90B
Anionic Anti-static.

100% cotton polishing cloths

Basically it provides a non visible high gloss coat on the paintwork that lasts approx 18-24 months if the car is well maintained. You can still polish the car, and use of a decent shampoo will keep it in tip top shape.



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