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After a hugely successful year in 2006, Stonehaven and District Motor Club ( ) are once again on the hunt for competitors for our 2007 events. As well as being involved with Autotesting, Sprints/Hillclimbs and Navigational/Stage Rallying, we are again making a special effort this year to boost entries for our Autocross events. Autocross is an off-road Speed formula, i.e. cars compete against the clock, leaving the line 2 or 4 at once at staggered intervals, the winner being the driver to complete the required amount of laps in the quickest time. Events will generally be held on grass or stubble fields. And although there is the chance of cars meeting on the track, Autocross is a non-contact formula so no banger racing antics please!

Virtually anyone can compete in Autocross, driving licence is not necessary and competitors can be as young as 14 years old. Any type of car can be entered with minimal modifications. Fire extinguisher and mudflaps are mandatory, with a rollcage, harness and racing seat being recommended although not required. Classes will be divided according to engine size and transmission type. Most engine, suspension and bodywork modifications are unrestricted. Full technical regulations can be found in section G of the MSA Competitors handbook (which you will receive when you apply for a competition licence).

So if you want to do it on the cheap, take any old road car, tear the interior out, fit a 1.75L handheld extinguisher and a set of cheap off-road tyres and you're ready to do some Autocrossing! It's common to drive to an event in the car you're competing in but most will prefer to trailer their cars. You will also require a club membership and MSA Competition Licence (£15 and £33 per year - No courses or exams required). A flameproof suit and helmet are required but welder's overalls and a bike helmet with correct BSI numbers will suffice.

The provisional dates for the 2007 events are as follows. Venues and MSA Permit etc are TBC but if there is demand the events will certainly go ahead. The first one is not until June so even if you're looking to prepare a car from scratch you will have plenty of time! Events will be counters in the SDMC Speed Championship, the SDMC Club Championship and the SDMC Fiesta Challenge. Recent events have been held at Netherley near Stonehaven, about ten miles south of Aberdeen but new venues are being considered.

June 3rd
August 5th
September 2nd

So whether you want to compete casually on your spare weekends or put together a purpose built car and take the sport up properly (events are held all over the UK), for more info send PM or email to [email protected]

(Thanks to Scott McKenzie and Ian Cowie for the photos!)

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