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When you guys all bought your Evo's you probably considered a warranty to be fairly a 'faith in society' fool considered this to be upmost.

So......after having had my car for 4 months had my first bit of hydraulic clutch went leaving the pedal on the floor and me on the busiest round-about in Bournemouth.

Turns out the master cylinder had a really simple (cost a fiver) to fix problem. This caused a pipe to burst though!!!!! Now, while caused by the master cylinder, the pipe is a consumerable part. So the company are not paying out.....I've got to foot £168.80.

I explained to the lovely and i must say highly educated lady at Auto Protect....what if the suspension gave way and shredded me'd pay for the suspension but not the tyres right based upon that notion.

She explained.....we would but thats different circumstances. I asked 'how'. Her repsonse........get this

It would all depend on the cost of the tyres.

I said....if this hydraulics pipe cost a tenner, would that mean its then covered. She said yes.......YES.

Well I'm sorry for buying a rare car that has parts that are difficult to time i buy a car i guess it will have to be a ******* CORSA
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