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First article comparing the new against the forth coming new Sti they still saty the evo 7 is faster but they do say that the steering feels more mechanical and that the gearbox 6 speed on the impreza is better oviously. the comclusion is that the sti is better because it is more usable for everyday use but the evo is more a track weapon than the the impreza. Which is better in my opionion it has to be the STI ONLY JOKING the evo is far better, looks better handles better just better.

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I look at mags for an opinion as to what the car is about,as far as anything else.
The evo is king and scoob drivers know this.
fast track around town the scoob looses ,the only motor you should look for is a Nissan and perky .A little like the woman we would like to meet.
Scoobs have no chance on acclelaration /handle-ablity my E4 was up the arse of a Sti v modded .Equal weight 3 kids and wife ,in back lane stuff .My mate was in front.
Wrx scoob ,tranced ,had to move over for me ,mid range of my EVO too much.
Fast tracking around Swindon ,road stuff ,scoob lost around round abouts out accelerated.
Fk it unless you race some thing yourself then its easier to comment.
try it some time and you will realise that even porche drivers are as crap as you think you are.
Road racing is Ace and if I aint got my fat boy with me [MY son aged 3] Then its me against them.


paul s
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