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ATTRAGE VIETNAM CLUB (AVC) had a very warm and grand early birthday on April 16th.
About 50 vehicles attracted lined up in front of My Dinh stadium, making a big impression on passersby. This is the record for the number of cars that have gathered together so far of AVC.

Many members met for the first time, but the atmosphere was very intimate, like a brother. The birthday was attended by more than 70 AVC members, representatives of MMV and agent Trung Thuong - the official agent to accompany AVC in the North.

At the event, MMV expressed its joy at the rapid growth of the club, and expects the AVC playground to enter the third year with more exciting and meaningful activities. At the same time, AVC playground in the 3rd year will have more interesting activities. MMV hopes that AVC will support MMV in its upcoming fuel consumption experience program, which is to confirm the quality and economy of the Attrage product.

Socure :
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