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At last... a white VII (GT4 related)

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5 car has appeared in the used section of Gran Turismo 4. There would allways be other colours of GSR flavour, and plenty of the white RS, but never a white GSR... until this evening!

Found the right wheels too!

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Funnily enough I'd just given up too, and bought a silver one. Then off I went to try and get some fast lap times around Fuji in various things, and when I came back it was there, in the late 90's used car bit.

Had to sell the silver one with huuuge depreciation, even though I'd put very few miles on it myself! :rolleyes: :crackup:
Blinder said:
I'm waiting on a French Blue VII GSR - will post photos when it comes :)
I've certainly seen one of those... I'm sure there's a market for this sort of thing saved onto a memory card... you send them the car on the card, they send you the card back with a large quantity of credits! :D

I've been having huge fun making vids as well... (bottom of the page)

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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