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arsenal fa cup winners wahey

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haha up the man united arse anal :D

yes yes yes i felt sorry for the man u fans after this glazer fiasco but was so happy for arsenal

may it prosper :D
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no pete i def agree man u deserved to win bud most def

but i just wanted to see fergies face :D

like i said i felt so sorry for the fans most def just fergie i have a problem with

but this is football it happens our teams get robbed all the time , it hurts alot

but the penalty shoot outs should be banned it can kill a man
DrZuess said:
:crackup: :crackup: :crackup:

the look on rooneys face PRICELESS
mind u i do like rooney guys a genius in the football field and sauna places :D

i shagged u on the such and such


wayne rooney :crackup:
mud said:
and it was the only way United could have won.


:crackup: :crackup: :crackup:
:crackup: yipeee :D
Dmac1969 said:
Man U should have walked it , if you could win a game on points like a boxing match then there would be no doubt about the winner! It took Arsenal untill 7 mins into extra time to force a save out of Carrol!! Unfortunately creating chances doesnt win you owt , you have to put them away , which has been Man U's failing this season. Still , 3rd in the Prem. plus qualifying for the champions league may be a bad season as far as Sir Alex and co are concerned , but I reckon Berwick Rangers would swap with them..... :crackup: :p
did i hear berwick rangers haha :crackup:
DrZuess said:
ye but in that case if Henry who lets face it has been their best player for years would have walk all over man utd defence

but then if man utd had people that could score :confused: :crackup:

but then what do i care iam just a saints supporter :cry:

and as for man utd where robbed omg how many times have utd robbed other teams what goes around comes around :D
ditto bud as that silly goal they let in that silly referee :D

u mind the ball that never went in :D
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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