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Re:Godspeed, I'm disappointed

Damn, René,

I just read your email exchange with that guy from Godspeed.

That is a very frightening story and I am very sorry a dishonest person with misleading and bragging statements about an anti warping warranty abused your confidence.

Have you read my reply above? Godspeed will lose much more money from not selling discs to Evo owners in the future than if they had replaced your discs. But what do you know, there is always a lot of dishonest people out there. Take precautions, but dont make your life miserable either.

What exactly does Ian expect you to do? Take off your brakes, send them to the UK for inspection and during that time, what? Rent a car?? He would probably have told you that you put them on the wrong way around or something anyway. What you did was right and what he did was wrong.

Another point: during a recent conversation with Andre, I found out that the discs do not fit the Evo 100%, the holes for the bolts not being the right size or something like that. I didnt understand all of it (you know the way he spells etc :)) but there was something wrong.

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Re:Godspeed, I'm disappointed

Forgot to say that people like that Ian guy from Godspeed are exactly the type of people who make me wanna throw up!

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Re:Godspeed, I'm disappointed


Exactly my thoughts.

I want to emphasize that in my opinion this whole problem is caused by Godspeed's statements of unconditionally replacing warped discs! and not answering my telephone message on his answering machine when the problem ocurred. It took 2 weeks and a message on the Register asking him to reply on my email that I sent him about 10 days after my telephone call to get the first response from him.
And after this he says that I shouldn't have taken the action of machining the discs as a temporary fix, what else COULD I have done then to be able to drive the car??

I don't know Ian, so I don't comment on him personally.

All my remarks are aimed on how he deals with problems if they occur.
This is the problem that I am having with Godspeed!!

Other manufacturers don't make these kind of guarantee statements, so you know what to expect and if you warp the discs, it will probably be your own problem.

And even so, when warping a set of Black Diamond discs from Power Engineering on one of my previous Subaru's, they WERE replaced by them under warranty (even without asking the warped items back) even though this company never makes bragging statements on their warranty service!
I did send them an e-mail back thanking them for their exemplary service!!
I now wish I had bought their discs for the Evo.

When publicly stating that you will replace ANY warped discs (and I seem to remember it was also stated somewhere no quesions asked or however used , although I am not fully sure of this) I think it is your obligation to do so, and not start to hide behind warranty conditions that buyers don't know about if a problem occurs. Especially if you give no response for 2 weeks after getting the first message that there is a problem.

As far as fitment is concerned: the bells on the Godspeed discs are 1.5-2 mill thicker than stock.
For this reason the OZ wheels can have a problem centering correctly onto the hub centre ring, as this will not fit into the wheel far enough anymore.


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Re:Godspeed, I'm disappointed

I now consider this matter closed (see Again looking for Ian (Godspeed Brakes) ).
I suggest anyone who has a complaint with a company should find out their legal rights before pursuing it. Many companies will be willing to help outside of their legal obligations, such as Godspeed have done and is commendable but if people start threatening them then you are on a hiding to nothing.

Just to sum up some key points worth noting:
If you find something doesn't fit or is incorrect then contact the manufacturer immediately and STOP USING IT! If you leave it too long then you are only entitled to reasonable compensation and not a full refund. By continuing to use defective goods you can be seen as accepting them as satisfactory in the eyes of the law.
You have no come back with the original manufacturer if you buy second hand items, however manufacturers maybe willing to help to some degree for customer relation reasons. You can only pursue compensation from the party you bought the items from.
Free 'Guarantees' mean nothing in the eyes of the law as they are not a contract, just a 'promise', only your Statutory Rights apply in this case. A contract requires an item to be exchanged for another item (e.g. goods for money). 'Warranties' are legally binding because they are a contract as you actually have to purchase them.
When purchasing items over £100 sterling then use a Credit Card as you have equal claim against the finance company as against the party you are buying the goods from (Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974).

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says that goods should be:
Of a Satisfactory Quality, i.e. of a standard that a reasonable person would consider to be satisfactory - generally free from fault or defect, as well as being fit for their usual purpose, of a reasonable appearance and finish, safe and durable
Fit for the purpose - as well as being fit for the purpose for which they are generally sold, goods should also be fit for any specific or particular purpose made known at the time of the agreement
As described - goods should correspond with any description applied to them. This could be verbally, words or pictures on a sign, packaging or an advert.

Colin Booker, MLR Moderator, 28/01/02

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That's little big evo! But why is Umreet standing on her left foot? Is it to stop her blowing away in the wind? Or was Umreet the arse you were referring to?:D

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looks its me and my car, fame at last.....

and look at ryans sexy new haircut....


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U barsteward :D the arse being referred to goes by the name of Legend ;)


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Was that 'coke' you were clutching
Like the hair btw, gone from hippie to skinhead! :)

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btw still can't stop laughing at the way I managed to get the Paj to go POP just at the right moment on Sunday when pulling up to the Lincoln Scooby Convoy meeting place - WICKED :)

La la la la la la la 'Pop goes the Evo' :D

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if i am rod will you be jane....we could then make beautiful music together ;)

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Can someone edit the pic with names and arrows pointing to who is who, I would like to put faces to the nicknames.

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