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Well I will answer this in stages.

1. US Licensed importer of Skylines- MOTOREX (it has prices too)
2. Rallying is growing quickly here in the US, very Quickly.
3. RallyMan: I live in Florida too. Tampa to be exact. WRX's will be arriving on the 13th of march (Next week)
4. I WISH I could have some of the cars that are offered overseas...It figures that I want what I can't have.
5. I wish to offend nobody. We are all enthusiasts here, and with that said, I should describe what I currently own. I drive a 1999 Honda Civic Si. It has a 1.8l swap, Complete turbo setup, and a bunch of other little things done to it. It pulled 280hp at the wheels @ 8-9psi. You can check it out here-
My wife drives a 2001 Acura Integra Type-R (Black) which we Auto-X.
6. Why is this Honda boy here? I previously owned a 1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. (same as Eclipse AWD) and my dad currently owns a 1991 Dodge Stealth R/T (same as Mitsu 3000gt VR4). When I heard that the EVO7 was coming to the states, I wanted to learn as much as I could. This site is great! Late next year, I plan on taking delivery and joining the ranks. (if mitsu truly does import it).

So with all that said, I will linger in the background, read up on what's new, and try to learn from the experiences that most of you have had. I thank you for this oppurtunity.


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This forum is to ask what you wish ,say what you want[trying not to offend]and making comment even if you are incorrect and others think your a total looser [SO WHAT!].All part of a learning curve,and at the end of the day whether you have a european of a US spec vehicle,you,ll get a fking great car.


Paul s

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It's great to have you more people from the U.S. in the forum (I live in Miami). I don't think you offend anybody here, and I'm sure you have more technical knowledge than most of us.

I'm afraid I was wrong: things could be changing regarding EvoVII in the US, and there is a chance to see them here as you mention in your post. But it's not confirmed yet (as far as I know).

The criticism I showed regarding Motorsports in the US is purely generic. There is also a group of very dedicated enthusiasts, especially in the tuning industry, where you have access to tons of parts that you would not even think of in Europe.
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