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had my APS stuff delivered last night. big thanks to marcus at extreme for srtin out a crackin deal for me.

i have today unpacked it all in boyish excitment even though the car dont arrive for 3 weeks (340 ix been delayed by 1 week, ccc kindly rang me up to advice as well, very good of them i thought)

i must say the aps stuff is really well made. the exhaust is of upmost top quality, really well welded and finished.

the dump valve is really well machined and looks fantastic.

was a bit surprised to find the aps induction kit was actually a K N filter though, but it looks the part and the relocation kit is well made.

water bottle for intercoler kit is well made from moulded abs plastic and i think it is mucher larger than original (only think not looked at original for volume)

all in all really pleased with the stuff and cant wait for the car to tip up so i can bolt it all on, roll on end june
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