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I know I was going to meet loads of people at Brands Hatch on the 18th march - unfortunately the car won't be ready in time!

In fact it is looking dodgy for Cadwell too :(

Fingers crossed...

Bloody parts suppliers


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Im gutted mate, was really looking forwards to saying hello
and having a ride in the beast!

Who's let you down ?


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Twas those bastards at torqueic.... :D

Only joking.

ATL messed up delivery of the fuel filters and guage - forgot to send it, then sent it to my house instead of the garage! DOH!
Rallytech haven't sent some stuff, missing some bushes from Powerflex, oil filters from Mitsubishi - usual comedy of errors :(

Left no time to sort it all before GEMS mapping on Friday.

My main concern is getting it sorted for Cadwell. Was doubly annoyed that I have meeting on the 25th March, otherwise I could have done the second brands date! It is a really important meeting too. Damn, damn, damn!
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