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Hi there,

I am interested in replacing my factory ECU with an aftermarket one. I own an EVO 4 GSR. I am particularly interested in the Apexi Power FC ECU. It is an attractive Plug 'n Play ECU. Only problem is, I don't think they make one for the EVO 4!!??? I only know that they make them for the EVO5/6 (CP9A), not CN9A (EVO 4).

My question is, will the Power FC be compatible to my EVO 4? I mean, will the connections all match up to the factory EVO 4 ECU loom? Is the loom any different between EVO4-6?? Does anyone know? So, if it does it possible to use the Apexi Power FC with the EVO 4? I really like the Power FC (as you can tell!). I know that the initial MAPS that it comes with may be slightly different cos the EVO4-6 may be mapped slightly differently. Please help anyone!

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