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I am selling an almost-brand new Apex'i Power FC. I say almost because the ECU was used for less than a day. Details of the unit first:

- Apex'i Power FC ECU for Evo 6
- Power FC Commander hand-held control unit
- Does NOT come with the separate boost control module, which is an option available separately
- unit was used for a day (more on this below), and comes with all documentation, cartons, etc.
- Asking price is GBP 1,000 NEGOTIABLE

Other points:
- I live in the Philippines, so the mechanics of the trasaction will have to be worked out
- I would prefer to sell only the ECU itself (at less than the price quoted above) and keep the Commander, but if you really want the Commander, I'll obviously sell that too

As some of you may have read on other of my posts, I purchased the unit for my car (Evo 5) in December, but had to wait until now to fit it because my tuner's RR was broken, and I decided not to install the ECU until I could have it properly tuned.

Well, the dyno was finally sorted last week, so I had the ECU installed straight-away. I learned to my dismay that the ECU I bought is for an Evo SIX, whereas my car is a FIVE. The [email protected] in Hong Kong that sold it to me said that the 5 and the 6 use the same box, so it should be no problem. While the car starts and idles smoothly, I get a check engine indicator light as soon as the boost comes on.

A quick check by my tuner on the Apex'i website does indeed show that the part/model numbers for the Power FC for an Evo 5 is DIFFERENT from that of the Power FC for an Evo 6. So it does seem like the two units are not identical. :(

I still believe that the Apex'i ECU offers good value for money-- here where I live, it costs less than half the price of a Motec M48. So I intend to buy the proper POwer FC for my car, but would obviously like to sell the unit I have, to recover the money spent.

As you can probably imagine, I'm really upset that the ECU doesn't work on my car (not only did I waste my hard-earned cash, but I'll also have to wait that much longer for my next round of tuning!). And I've thought about trying to return the unit to the dealer that sold it to me, but that would be a lot of trouble because: 1) the dealer is in Hong Kong; and 2) the unit was purchased back over 3 months ago.

Any interested parties can e-mail me at the following addresses (pls use both)

[email protected]
[email protected]

Cheers! :)

P.S. Manuel Go (TurboAWD) is also selling a brand-new Power FC for an Evo 7. He ordered the unit from Japan, but it doesn't work on his car because the unit is for RIGHT-HAND DRIVE (our cars are LHD). Apparently, there's one wire on the loom that is different, and for that reason, the ECU is useless for cars here in the Philippines. The Power FC he's selling also comes with the Commander unit. He is also selling the optional boost control module.

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Well, that's about what I paid for it in Hong Kong. I don't know how much Apex'i Power FC's go for in the UK.

Like I mentioned the price is NEGOTIABLE, as I'm really just trying to recover as much money as possible so that I can buy the proper unit for my car. So if that seems like highway robbery to anyone, just let me know what you believe is a fair price.

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