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I really need to order my clutch and I get no reply from daikin,and as I want a better clutch than the standard one but not too harsh for every day use I think that I will order the ap racing formula with organic disc and maybe a JUN light flywheel.

Does anyone has the ap clutch fitted and is it anyway much better than the standard one?

Anyone uses a light flywheel?

Anyone know the price of the daikin twinplate clutch or can suggest another good clutch?
If it is harder than the standard one or just a little more harsh it's ok but I don't want something that makes noise or undriveable in traffic or that will make bounces when changing gears!

Any infos appreciated!

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Hi Maxi

I can only tell you about my clutch and it is a HKS twin plate clutch with lighten flywheel. I think it is a Daiken rebadaged, but not sure. It is full face clutch so it is not that harsh around town. Be warned any twin plate clutch will need some time to bed in properly. Mine took 2 trackdays and 1500 miles before it was even close to being usable around town. I am very happy about my clutch, There are cheaper ones out there but you get what you pay for in the end (within reason border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >)


If you need to drive around town never go for a paddle clutch as they judder like hell. [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

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I have the AP full circular with organic in my VI, it is much better than the stock and almost the same to drive. IMHO don't bother with the light flywheel, it does not need it.

Rgds Kevin A

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I have just had a look at my clutch and am having to change it, which at first may seem like bad news, however it is not.

I have a twin plate clutch from the E6-RS fitted. I have done either 8 or 9 (lost count) track days on this clutch. I have been told that one of the plates it totally knackeed and the cover needs replacing and that the flywheel has been scorred. This may again seem like bad news.
I consider this extremely good life on the cluth, I use to have to replace a clutch (Helix Heavy duty and flywheel) after every three trackdays before.

A quick word of warning with the twin plate, even though my clutch is basically knackered, there was no sign of slipping. It is only on inspection that we have found that it is dead. Becasue I have left it so long I now have to replace the flywheel (450.GBP). I will now have the clutch instpected after 5 trackdays, and hopefully not have to change the flywheel, which will pay for the labour costs, I will then hopefully only be left with changing one of the plates, in in Mitsubishi terms is rletively cheap.
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