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6 pot AP front brake kit

1) i see an ad for 1595 quid that includes the vat - is this a good price ?

2) presumably it includes a set of pads, do i need anything else (hoses, fluid ?)

3) blade said go for the grooved disks, is that just a no cost option ?

4) how long do the pads/discs last ?

5) how much is replacement AP disc ?

apologies for the storm of questions but need to know



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dammm - knew i forgot something:

6) do i have to run 18 wheels (presumably only the 4 pot works with 17 )

7) do i need to upgarde the master cylinder and if so what is it ?

i would like to run 18 but the cost of tyres and availability will surely be more hassle than 17 esp. with slicks ?

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1) £1595 is about average, if 330mm kit.
2) Kit includes goodridge hosing and 5.1 fluid, but better to upgrade the fluid to SRF or ATF racing blue
3) Grooved discs is an £80 extra (!)
4) Disc life depends on heat, which depends on ducting air to the discs and pads used. Organic pads are kinder to discs. I use Pagid RS4-2s with brake ducts and they last 3 trackdays usually at least - and that is open pit days and I a late braker!
5) Replacement discs are about £300 inc VAT
6) 6pot 330mm kit fit under 17 discs. AP don't do a 362mm kit, that is BG Developments who customise it. That requires 18 s
7) No, the master cylinder is fine, though the RS cylinder (non ABS) I believe is slightly larger. Recommended is the master cylinder support bracket for a firmer pedal, though it is £250!!

You should put better pads in the rears, say pagids, to help correct the balance as the front will be biting harder. Do not use fierce carbon metallics in the front or you will get rapid disc wear. Discs should last 6 months of heavy track use with organic pads.

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1) Yes, that is a good price if it is the full kit, 330mm disks and includes VAT. The AP kit part no. is CP5570-1004
2) The AP kit includes hoses, fluid and pads.
3) Sorry, don't know.
4) How long is a piece of string. If you do trackdays, possibly 3 or 4. If you are mainly road driving, again it is how you drive but should be reasonable!
5) Sorry, don't know

According to the AP website, the 6 pot kit fits 7.5J * 17 OZ Super Turismo. They also have a guidance of what clearance is needed so you can check for your particular wheels.

There is no need to upgrade the master cylinder but if you are going this far you should fit the Ralliart master cylinder brace as well.

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thanx guys

tony, i take it the RS4-2s are not that good on the road needing high operating temps ?

what pads come with the AP kit, should i ditch them ?

shoudl i match put RS4-2s on teh rear as well ?

im going to do a few searches to see what other pads would be good, mintex ?

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The Pagid RS4-2s do make a good road pad because they work well at low temperatures but I have been told that you have to brake hard and fast rather than slow and long or you can glaze the pads. There are various people who run them on road cars and I will be one of them later this week! In addition, I believe that Ralliart spec them for fast road use.

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RS4-2s are v. good on the road. Standard pads are carbon metallic. Pagids are far better (mate of mine runs 6pots on his EVO and tried both sets on road and track on the same day. Was like the brakes were upgraded massively again with the Pagids in his opinion).

They are fine on the road - not needed much heat up. Droid runs them on his M3 on a daily basis. There are quite a few people who do here.

As Simon said they do prefer a more aggressive style of driving to avoid glazing the pads, i.e. best to keep them at a good temperature and use them well. Mid temperature, long soft braking, and you will glaze them - I have in the past, e.g. when driving slowly around a track on recce laps or picking up lines - as with a road car, you leave you foot on the brake, gently slowing down - that will glaze them. Brake firmer (not emergency stop!) and it will keep them fine all the time.

Easy enough to deglaze - just rub the pad surface on a concrete floor or use a file.

Good value too - about £200 for a front set.

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Ap puts in ferodo ds2500 pads in those kits now

these pads are awesome even on track.
dust is easy to wash away and braking is awesome even on low temps.


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