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Hiya guys

Im a fairly new newbie on the site I joined about a week ago & bought my first Evo 3 (in white) just b4 xmas. Had loads a cars b4 this one but really forgot what it was like to drive such a fantastic machine. Its bog standard at mo & some of you guys on here have given me ideas on what to upgrade & where to get parts so thanks for that, much appreciated.
Are there any other Evo drivers near Lee on Solent/Portsmouth & if so do you guys get together for meets etc? as other meets seem to take place in places like Kent. so just wondering


P.S When the weathers abit better I'll polish the ol girl up & get some pix on, as it's a git to get her to look good in this crappy weather (o y o y o y did I buy her in white....................coz she looks GREAT!!!!!)
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