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As per title, im currently looking for a FMIC to run my IX 80 series turbo. Im right out of money after spending lots on other mods, so am having to scrimp on this part! :blush: The IX turbo may run ok on my VI FMIC; but id rather have some headroom within all the supporting mods, so we can max out the turbo!

So, has anyone fitted a IX intercooler to a VI, and it helped cooling with a bigger turbo added? How hard was it to fit? If its just a virtually straight awap, I can get one very cheap so may aswell fit it. But if its a going to be a PITA, I may not bother!

There was a silver V at The Racing Line's recent roling road day, which I noticed had one fitted to an FP Green'd car and that made good power IIRC. Id like to ask him about it; but cant remember his username! :wallbang:

Cheers :smthumbup
1 - 2 of 2 Posts