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Anybody tried the new Garrett GT30/40 BB?

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This one:

Good or bad?

Should be between GT30R and 35/40 in size..

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they've got some good graphs and horsepower figures for the Evo 8 on there.....

so would assume it would be a good upgrade for your e5...
andber said:
Spin the right way???
'Oli' was referring to the fact that e1-3 turbos spin in the opposite direction
to e4-8 make sure if/when you order
andber said:
So it sucks air from the engine and push it through the air intake? :D
yes....that's it
your evo 5 sucks ...erm..... :eek:

seriously though.....
that turbine looks a useful addition
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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