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Any1 got Brembo discs an Ferrodo Racing Pads??

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Hey guys,
i gota a V an just forked out nearly £500 for Brembo discs an ferrodo racing pads from Steven Hill motorsport!!!
fitting them 2day meself which shud be fun seein im no mechanic!! lol!

havent got a clue how good there gona be? does any1 no much bout the pads as in, do they need warming up before they work well?? sum feed back would be great if uve had or got sum!

Thanks :moon:
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Cossy_Killer said:
TRIED RINGIN HIM, NO REPLY..................gona ave to try monday now!
looks like another week of mass brake judder!! spose warped discs are better than no discs even if they are mintex! lol!
if you check the dimensions of the two pads you will see that the Subaru ones are the same length and height and only difference is they are a bit thinner. Should be fine to fit I reckon.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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