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Any1 got Brembo discs an Ferrodo Racing Pads??

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Hey guys,
i gota a V an just forked out nearly £500 for Brembo discs an ferrodo racing pads from Steven Hill motorsport!!!
fitting them 2day meself which shud be fun seein im no mechanic!! lol!

havent got a clue how good there gona be? does any1 no much bout the pads as in, do they need warming up before they work well?? sum feed back would be great if uve had or got sum!

Thanks :moon:
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Spanpody said:
Which pads, DS2500 or DS3000 ?

You will need to bed the new pads/disk in.
well this is what it says on invoice!!

2 x Frt E5-8 Brembo Discs

1 X Set Frt Brake pads

thats all it says i fink??? mean anyfin to ya??
Oh looking on the box of me pads an it says FRP3067H duno if thats anfin u know either ??? lol!!
LOL!! Yeh as for the R1 well.... this is what ive been told by an aquantance on his GT4, so i cant rly cast iron the R1 scenario but im dam sure hoping hes rite!!!!! but want sum inside info off an EVO thats had them on hard street use for a while!!! with pros an cons!

cheerz for the braking procedure mate, not quite sure about the PDI cuz im fitting them so i'll have to play both partys!!lol!

off to do it in nxt Hour on me drive, to be honest im SH***IN IT! :cry:

do i drive a subaru???????????????????????

not unless i find 25k for a 22B no!!!
an probly neva will!!!
OK i see what u mean!! now im very scared hes ent me wrong pads but that link u game me says FRP3067 for the scooby an mine says FRP3067H!!!!! i.e. has H on the end!!!

what u reckon? shud i still fit them?

ok well i think i better ring Steve Hill where i got them from an ask him!! will so P***ED off if they sent be wrong ones!!!!!!! :mad:

cheerz bud enywayz!
cheerz mate ive got it all wrote down an im gona ring him now!!! am not happy bunny!!!
TRIED RINGIN HIM, NO REPLY..................gona ave to try monday now!
looks like another week of mass brake judder!! spose warped discs are better than no discs even if they are mintex! lol!
Yeh fair play mate your spot on!! just got off phone to Steve Hill an he said the discs hes sold me are thicker than usual therefore the pads have to be thinner!!!!!

no more gettin outbraked by novas!!! lol!

1 - 11 of 22 Posts
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