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Have you seen the programme where "Anthea" :angel: :angel: puts people right on how to keep their house clean. The missus has got it on now... Jesus it and she makes me F**kin puke.
Who the F**k does she think she is :wallbang: :wallbang: :wallbang: She's got no kids, a cleaner, she's never had a "proper job in her pathetic life. She's got a silver spoon shoved so far up her ar*e it makes her eyes shine. She does Sh**e all, an I bet all the "Tips" have been given to her to "explain"
Fair enough, the punters she's got on are serious "grot bags" but FFS
She reckons she's up till 1am washing... Not with them nails she ain't. F**kin b**lox. and she's showin us all how to fold clothes :goingmad: :goingmad: :goingmad:
I'd love to Sh*t on her pillow.

Rant over.

Edited to say

I'm don't normally have access to quality tv and this has come as a disturbing shock. I am on my way back to my truck to sleep and console myself with The Soprano's to calm me down

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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