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Hi all,

Some advice please - I have had lots of work done to my car, including hks forged pistions, hks steel head gasket, hks cams, uprated con rod bolts etc etc, and was wondering what boost I can run without uprating the injectors.

I also have an Apexi boost and fuel controller and an uprated fuel pressure regulator.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, what sort of power would I be pushing out at say 1.8 bar, as that is what I am hoping to run my car at (with octane booster).

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Debs ,if you set the car up right you can run 1.8bar but you will be at the outer limits of the standard turbo,and life can start to get expensive:)

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Suggest, that you speak to Clive at RC Developments. As you've got Dave's old car, Clive will know a lot about it, and what it's capable of. he might even have set it up in the first place. When it comes to Apexi stuff they really know what they are doing.


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I reckon your biggest problem is running the stock ECU, its got far too
much ignition advance to be running 1.8 safely IMHO.

Change the ECU for a link or add an Apexi ignition timing controller
and with the correct fuelling , 1.8 will see the magic 400bhp.

As for fuelling, with a mappable ECU (or PE remap), adjustable fuel pressure
regulator and fuel pump upgrade you might *just* have the capability
to correctly fuel 400bhp safely.

Only way to find out is get your car checked by someone who has a wide band

However, if your car has been setup by RC and you are using the Apexi AFC to
lean the mixture (to avoid fuel cut) then the pressure reg to correct a/f ratio,
id say you *wont* have the fuelling capability to feed 1.8 without bigger injectors.

Anyway, mucho respect.......wish more women were into tuning cars !!!!!!

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Did u upgrade your intercooler ? More boost pressure means higher air/charge temperatures.

Let us know what the dyno readings are, it should be kickin' running 1.8 Bar :D
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