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Another interesting day on the MLR....

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Hi All,

As you may have noticed I didn't have a chance to see the goings on today, but I will take some time out to paint a clearer picture...

Credibility and integrity are words used by a few of our most ardent admirers - as I'm sure a number of you are aware. In a recent post it would appear I have become the subject of a witch hunt.

I see a number of MLR members forming a tight defence - armed with a recent email from John Greasley that directly contradicts my association with G-Force Motorsport in the FIA GT series - and perhaps a number of you are thinking -

'If he is lying about his racing credentials - perhaps he is lying about everything else as well?'

This would initially seem to add fuel to an already smouldering fire, the one started by a fellow MLR member that suggested that the dyno figures/results and work ethics of WRC Technologies is very questionable.

I can totally understand - and in a similar position I would perhaps be a bit of a "Doubting Thomas" myself
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personally i think wrc reputation speaks for itself on here. as soon as i am ready with my ix i know where i will be taking it!!

germany to silverstone for good service is no problem!

guys dont let the others get to you, its not worth it

keep up the good work and service guys
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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