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Another interesting day on the MLR....

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Hi All,

As you may have noticed I didn't have a chance to see the goings on today, but I will take some time out to paint a clearer picture...

Credibility and integrity are words used by a few of our most ardent admirers - as I'm sure a number of you are aware. In a recent post it would appear I have become the subject of a witch hunt.

I see a number of MLR members forming a tight defence - armed with a recent email from John Greasley that directly contradicts my association with G-Force Motorsport in the FIA GT series - and perhaps a number of you are thinking -

'If he is lying about his racing credentials - perhaps he is lying about everything else as well?'

This would initially seem to add fuel to an already smouldering fire, the one started by a fellow MLR member that suggested that the dyno figures/results and work ethics of WRC Technologies is very questionable.

I can totally understand - and in a similar position I would perhaps be a bit of a "Doubting Thomas" myself
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Chris has worked on my car at G-Force and WRC, and when required I am more than happy for him to do so again ;)
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