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I'm in a gig mood at the moment.

Went to see the most talented musical singer/songwriter of our time play last night. Not with his proper band, but his solo stuff. Rob Thomas at Manchester Academy was an experience. He's used to playing in front of tens of thousands, and to watch him with only a thousand or so people was breathtaking.

He played most of his new stuff, some really old stuff...a couple of covers, and of course his song with carlos santana 'smooth' :coolsm: ...I'm going again to seen him at the astoria on wednesday too! just because you can't pass up opportunities like this. Anyone bored on wednesday night and just want some damn good music to rock/chill too, you'd be a fool to miss this guy.

some pictures from last night (god I'm tired now...I've had about 15 hours sleep since last thursday morning!!!)

Before the gig sporting our 'queue jumping''s nice to know people ;)

The main man...we were pretty close :D

Marisol, Rob's Wife, with Jason, Rob's bodyguard (big man!)

The support act who were scandinavian....she was hot :blush: ..she could sing too...great voice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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