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Hmmmm! have had my evo6 (gsr uk car)fully serviced by main dealer since new... last service was 18.2K
At 19.2K (a week or so ago) started to get an annoying screach/grind when throwing it into a corner (not really that quick...) progessively got wosre and more defined over the last week, now it's apparent when I turn into the drive...
Took it to the main dealer and they plugged in a gismo' that allowed then to turn off the AYC... no more screaching, (no matter how much we tried). They reckon new oil in the AYC should clear it up ....
Thats being done today...

More new oil after a 1000 miles... ! call me sceptical but....

Anyone else had anything similar ? / pointers ?

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dam, its actually Six Mad! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Rich :D

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His computers broke :(

Basically he undid the wrong plug on his rear diff, and let alittle bit of the AYC fluid out by accident.Ever since then the car squeeked/creaked and meeowed like a cat when turning the car very sharply.This he puts down to the fact that some of the oil is now missing, hence the clutch plates in the rear diff are not entirely covered in oil.(and he`s still not got `round to refilling it!

Thats his thoughts anyway, i`ve heard the noise and the description of the sound it makes is mine :D


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Sorted ...thanks for the replies, you were spot on...

'New' oil in the back end works a treat...
Probably be back at the dealers again in another 1000 miles
Still sceptical...
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