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Being an optimistic sort of guy, and if all this nightmare packs its bags and goes to somewere like France for instance (that should give em something to whinge about!)could i have the info pack in good time please so i may look into insurance etc.


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Rightly or wrongly I've been holding onto the info packs until I know if we'll all be going to Anglesey (or not), but with your optimism in mind I'll send them off first class on Wednesday so you should have them by Friday . . . when I'll be able to confirm what the hell we will be doing! Stand by yer phones!

Fingers crossed!!

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When the event was cancelled due to Foot and amp; Mouth, Richard (circuit manager) said he would come back to me if and when another suitable date became available, and as yet I haven't heard from him.

With the rest of the year now fairly full (from an organisational perspective);

13 July - track evening and BBQ at AUTODROME
18 August - CROFT trackday...details elsewhere
** September - my holiday (!)
19 October - Oulton Park date cancelled by them
5 November - DONINGTON trackday
25 November - SNETTERTON trackday

....I think Anglesey will have to wait until 2002. Hopefully this hasn't ruined your day!
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