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An Early Morning Laugh

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Parked at work this morning next to the stores guy & clocked the steering lock. :crackup: :crackup:

Had to laugh, at least the Proton is safe after all the Proton is hotter property than me Evo . :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:

We are gunna have some beauty replies to this i imagine ;) ;)
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Yeh no worries neil, have a good trip ;) speak soon.

Grant :D
R-Jay said:
You may laugh at him but that may be his pride and joy and he's just not as fortunate as you to own an Evo :)

Anyways, I think you will find that alot more cars like that are being stolen these days as they are so much easier to steal than newer more sophisticated cars.
Not laughing at him ;) , oh and it aint his pride & joy but i no what your saying my friend, hes a real good mate of mine, it was just my dry sense of humour i suppose. He thought it was funny :confused:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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