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Alcon 4pot Brakes - Are they worth it?

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I've been offered some Alcon brakes from a mate who reckons there off an evo

He bought a Astra 888 diesel a few months ago and had Alcon brakes as spares which the guy before "claimed he took them off his 8" now they are fully boxed, with instructions everything part from brake lines.

These are 4 pots with 2 piece 340mm discs.

Are these worth the price? He wants £400? They are used but havent even seen 500 miles.

I havent seen them yet but i take his word for them being mint but i cant see them bolting straight on the evo!

Any answers appriciated.

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I did not even know they done 4 pot alcon for the fronts I thought they would have been for the rear.

Just make sure they are for a Evo as the brackets cost a arm and a leg lol
most ALCON brake calipers are multi use ,its just the mounting brackest that are car spefifc

either way if its a good clean set up £400 seems a bargain
Well i was tempted to have them at the price

Dont astra 888 diesels have alcons as an upgrade??

They have a receipt for £1300 i think.

340mm front discs are just tempting me haha.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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