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At the moment my evo2 is totally standard, i dont have all that much money to spend on tuning it (impending clutch problem) but i was wondering if anyone knows if the replacement panel filters (HKS) do anything at all. Only it is really difficult to find tuning bits for the 1-3 and ive found one of these....just wondering if they are worth it?


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The HKS Super Filter will allow a little more flow than the stock paper filter,
at £28.50|PLS|vat|PLS|del you cant really go wrong if £155|PLS|v|PLS|d for the full induction
kit is a little too much to swallow. If your interested, I can do free next day delivery
on this filter ?

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Hi John, if the HKS is the green panel, I've one in my Evo 1. I forget its in there. I've not noticed any major improvement but I'm still on the standard exhaust (but not for long now).

You will probably find that most Evo 4-6 bolt ons will fit the 1/2/3. The bolt pattern for the air-filter appears to be the same when I've looked at cars. I've not yet tried this out - so if you do decide to try that route with a K and amp;N or something make sure its on sale or return :D. An induction kit would be no use however, as the air-filter is on the wrong side of the car and the trunking would probably not be suitable.

You are right about finding tuning bits, suspension is even worse, although the Evo 2 has a broader range than the E1 - its just all expensive Japanese kit. :(
Keep in touch on here anyway with anythign you find or try. See you at some events next year :D


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Wazup, if HKS do it, I can get it border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

If you want one, ill get you a price.

There is even a nice supply of HKS parts for the Evo7 now,
sold a titanium tipped Hiper muffler to Croz on this list and he's
well pleased !
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