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Hey guys I've got a few questions,
Are ball joints on the lower front control arm replaceable (Evo V)?
Are there any reputable aftermarket front lower control arm?
Will a front lower control arm from an Evo VI happily fit on an Evo V?
From your experience, how do polyurethane bushings compare to OEM when it comes to ride comfort and stability?

Sheared the axle and ball joint right off the wheel hub.:frust::cry::shake:

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1. There are no replacement front ball joints for EVO V front arms
2. There is no aftermarket complete arm available that I'm aware of
3. EVO five and six front lower arms are different. The ball joint is actually the other way up on Evo 6. And therefore the knuckle is different.
4. Of course poly style bushes are going to be harder than the original equipment.
The Ralliart bushes are the best mixture of improvement in feel without Harshness but they are very hard to get hold of these days for the earlier models.
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