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Hey Guys,

I need some advice. I was wondering if any of you know how much power I can gain from the standard EVO 4 turbo? I am keen on modifying my car, but I have a budget. I don't wanna spend $$$$ on it. So far I have already spent around $5000 on my EVO 4 (I live in Australia). So far I have a full custom exhaust, HKS filter kit., Blitz BOV, Viper Alarm, GReddy profec B boost controller, and other minor interior stuff. I only want to spent say another $5000 (for the moment). Oh, and I have 17 wheels on at the moment (came with the car), but I don't really like em - they look OK I guess.

What do you guys think I should spend the money on? I was thinking an Apexi Power FC, larger intercooler, maybe bigger injectors, cams...I want to try and avoid a new turbo kit cos I know that will cost at least $5000 for a good one (e.g HKS, TRUST...)

Any advice?

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