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Not technical I know, but I think this is probably the best of the rest to post in, as there is no General area.
I have an Integra Type-R, and would like to replace it with an Evo 6 later this year.
The model that appeals most is the RSX, as, as I understand it, it has lots of extras added by Ralliart, and is marginally quicker and more sporting than the GSR.
I cant stretch to an Extreme or Tommi Mak (budget around £22000), so it would have to be the GRS, RSX, or the RS.
What I want to know is:
- Is it a worthy replacement for the Teg? (I think I already know the answer to that!!)
- I am interested in performance above cup holders, comfortable seats, or noise proofing, so raw is good, so long as its justified in the performance.
- I dont want to have to spend any more than the price of the car, so it has to come complete with everything on it, nice alloys etc.
- Are there large cost diffs between servicing for the different models, and will any Mitsu dealer be willing to service it.
- Are imported models a safe investemnt, or should I try and find an official Ralliart UK vehical.
- and lastly, is £22000 a realistic budget, or will I end up with a thrashed high milage Evo?
Sorry for all the questions, way to make myself unpopular with my first post, but if anyone has any ideas or advice, it would be appreciated.

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I think you will get a reasonable car for £22k if you buy privately. Check out the ads on the autotrader website and you will get an idea of the prices. As with any car costing this much, the usual rules apply to make sure you don't get a thrashed/bent car - ie get it checked over properly and look at the history/number of owners etc. Some of the specialist garages will look over a car to see if there are any problems, although given the complexity of the mechanicals you cannot guarantee there will be no problems.

If you want a warranty, you can buy some peace of mind via the Ralliart warranty, but be careful about any mods to the car which could invalidate it. However there is no real difference between the Ralliart and import cars mechanically so don't be afrid to 'go grey' if you're comfortable you're getting a good example.

Servicing-wise costs should be comparable for most models, but siome Mitsi dealers won't touch imports. There are plenty place that will, however - I have not had any problems. I'm too slow typing so give me a call if you want a bit more info 07884 116278.


I know I was a bit apprehensive about these sort of things before buying, but do your homework and it'll be worth every penny.

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Unfortunately the 'General' area went pear shaped about a week ago otherwise I could have copy/pasted a load more info in here without resorting to retyping!

The E6 seems like a logical step up from an Integra and I think you will find once you have test driven an E6 that you will simply have to have one!

Has to be the RSX, Sprint or an Import RS/RS2 if you are not particularly interested in creature comforts. I would say the RSX would be the better buy even though it is fairly rare, make sure it has a decent warranty.

There is not much cost difference between the different models with the servicing, in fact the RS variants should be slightly cheaper as they have no Active Yaw Control or air-con which should save you £50 per service. In case you didn't know the service interval is 4500 (£200) miles with more major services at 9000 (£250), 18000 (£350) and 45000 (£650 - cambelt) miles. You need to get your car serviced at a Ralliart approved Mitsubishi dealer which are often listed in an advert in the back of Autocar. However there are many independants which seem to know a hell of a lot more about the Evo than Mitsubishi dealers and can service your car cheaper aswell! If you go down the independant route make sure they come highly recommended and have access to the MUT-II diagnositic tool although its not strictly neccesary on a non AYC car.

You should be able to get a 1 year old Grey Import E6 RS/RS2 for £22000 or an older RSX/Sprint with less than 10k miles privately if you are lucky. Ralliart dealers will always charge more but also bear in mind that a brand new Grey Import Evo VII can be on the road for as little as £24,500 which is quite a bargaining tool when you walk onto the forecourt.

Of course you are not making yourself unpopular! The more the merrier in Evo land!
Just don't forget to budget an extra £25 for joining the MLR border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

(btw please don't put 'bang' in future posting titles as I get paranoid but thats another story.)

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I would spend a bit more and go for the 7. You might have to wait 6-8 weeks for it, but you will be getting a new model and car!
Think about it!!!

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I personally prefer the attitude and look of the 6, so I probably wouldnt choose a 7 over a 6 (price aside).
The 6 has legendary status, that I cant see the 7 improving apon, it doesnt seem to give off the same aura of aggression the Evo 6 does, but thats purely MHO.
Thanks all for the advice so far, its so easy to forget just how much cost of ownership is involved, but then you get what you pay for I suppose.

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Jack, it sounds superb, but my problem is, I will need the kind people at a dealership to arrange finance.
You can help me out though, the RS is the one where it comes (as new) without alloys etc, in the belief that the proper Rally folk that buy it would prefer their own, thats right isnt it?
is the RS Sprint the same? and what other differences are there between a RS Sprint and the RSX, GSR models?

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RS does come with steel wheels but most like mine are bought with GSR wheels. Mine had them but now has 18in OZ wheels which allow wider tyres for better grip etc. RS is really stripped out no air con, elec windows crap seats and no ABS or AYC (and better fgor the latter!). RSX is half way house with elec goodies but no ABC and AYC and GSR is full spec. So there you have it.

PS Finanace is easy go to your bank and it's norma;lly chaeper than the rate from a dealer.

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Just a little comment on the Evo 6 vs 7.

The 7 was independently tested by Best Motoring Video Magazine in Japan, and it outdid every single car it faced, which included:

Evo6 TME (both RS and GSR)
Honda NSX
Mazda RX-7
Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Subaru Imprezza WRX Sti Type-RA (new one)

Tests included slalom, drag, circuit time-attack, and a 5-lap race in the wet where the Evo7 RS started last and came up 1st after 5 laps, with the Evo7 GSR a close second. Evo6 was I think 3rd (RS version)

THe video gives me shivers, especially the portion where the driver was testing an RS in the old 'Ring. He never put his foot off the gas pedal, unless it was to downshift. Fabolous!!!
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