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One the of the tappets on my evo5 has become a little noisy, at first it was only when cold but has since become an on off thing all the time, I have tried several types of oil with no success. I am therefore trying to find out:

* how much a replacment is
* how easy are they to change
* how will I know which one it is.

I am trying to get the car into perfect condition before any other mods take place. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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RC cured mine on my VI when stripping the head to fit the new cams and head gasket. They also removed the sump to fit the ARP bolts and cleaned that out thoroughly and with a new batch of Millers oil it was cured!!!

Have you tried engine flushing oil, as it will be a lot cheaper option. I think they are £16 each and you try telling which ones are gone out of the 16. They are a serviceable item which can be cleaned etc if you want a bash at it yourself, otherwise if a garage are doing it, you might as well replace them.

Common fault I'm afraid.

Good luck

P.S. Got Godspeeds discs yet. I wasn't too impressed on Wednesday as after two sessions at Castle Combe, I had to find a garage quick to grind away some of my pads which were rubbing the bell again!!! I shall have to give Ian a ring about this.

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You're not wrong there Tony. I don't think the missus would be too best pleased with another £1500 as we've now got a baby on the way. Good job I got the work done at RC before she found out :D
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