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I have just pranged by Evo 1 and have been given a very, very large repair bill.

I've had the car for several weeks and have not experienced a problem like this before. Basically, I pulled out of a junction and put some power down, didn't floor it by any stretch of the imaganation, doing 20-30 mph, and ended up losing the back end. The rear flew out to the left and then to the right as I tried to correct it, where it hit a kerb. Before I approached the junction the ABS light came on.

Should this really happen to an All Wheel drive car, particularly an Evo. As I said, I didn't floor it, I've put more power down many timed before, and the ABS light came on just before this happened.

Any info would be most appreciated, as if this looks to be a mechanical problem, I'll be passing the bill to the company who sold it.

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Sounds extreme for that sort of speed Andy, the problem is that the ABS light often flickers 'on' on the early Evo's. Mine does it quite often as well.
have you a few more facts to work from.

Need to know: tyres (front and rear -what sort, good tread ? good presures ?)
What gear you wer ein (I presume 1st from the speed), had you changed into 2nd ?
Did you put the power quickly or progressivly. Did you hold the power to high revs ?
As you came out of the junction, was this into a turn, IE: you were going left or right, or straight on ?
What was the road like, damp, dry, wet, cold, etc.
Did you get any understeer before the back went out ?

The accident sounded like you came out of the throttle quickly at the same time as winding on the lock - that'll usually get the front to bit and chuck you the other way - but its hard to second guess a situation like that. But the question you want answering is why did the back come out ?

in some sitautions the 1 will do this, its more prone to power understeer though. But it is possible to get it to kick out and it can be quite quick if you have a bootfull in and are not quite with it (been there)

If you can't replay becuase of the forum locking up from tomorrow, mail me ([email protected])


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I was still in 1st gear, not starting to change up speed more 20 than 30, on the fro t i'm running p6000's with good tread and pressure
on the back has michelin pilot and a dunlop (sorry don't know type) both possibly slightly low pressure, but good tread.

The power was put down not to hard but enough to pull of fairly quickly, not reaching high revs.

I was turning right on the junction o a standard road, with a paved bollard section in the middle of the road(the bit that i hit when correcting the inital slide) the roads were wet as had just been raining, with no understeer before the back end stepped out
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