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Advice please on unique Tuning approach

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Dear Fellow MLR'ers,

I was recently made aware that you can substantially increase the bhp and Torque (especially torque!) by administering large quantities of standard kitchen issue Bacofoil to your engine bay.

This will have the result of making your engine bay look absolutely crap and as though you are some sort of complete dimwit, however you apparently get MASSIVE TORQUE

All these claims can be varified by the Tuner involved with a graph drawn by his Son with a red crayon - which he is happy to overlay with ANY other graph that can be produced, as long as the graph was produced by a child under the age of 12 months old.

Can anyone shed any light on this ?

Thanks in advance
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mike_turbo said:
can it be any foil? or a particular brand is needed?
Apparently just the silver stuff which is usually used for 'chasing the dragon' .... if you partake in the odd bit of brown that is.
I'm not sure about the manifold, but they are recommending a new turbo system which I assume is rather unique (ref attached)

However, I am somewhat disapointed that he cannot slot me in for any work until 2007 because he is too busy surfing the Internet worrying about what his competition are doing :( and trying to ruin it for them.


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jcremonini said:

I'm pretty sure you would need 12m Bacofoil for the IX and the 10m lengths were only suitable for VIIIs and earlier. Unfortunately, Bacofoil UK Ltd have not developed a way to wrap the extra 2m without redesigning the box. I heard it would be August (at least) until they had. I asked if using Tescos own would suffice, but apparently you get detting and oil leaks if you use it cos it is inferior quality stuff.

... or have I gone off track again ?

James, if you are being serious with your response, then I thank you for your valuable input.

I suspect that you might be being sarcastic though (I cant put my finger on it, but just have a gut feel that you are), then god damn you for introducing humour to this very serious topic, the Mods are taking this VERY seriously - you might find yourself getting banned.
chockymonster said:
Isn't this the mod that allows your turbo to spool up 32 rpm earlier?
32 RPM !!!!

You're feckin joking arent you


Thats gotta be worth some pretty fast times.
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