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Hi, (forgive the typo in the Subject EFO/EVO)

As a new EVO owner (and new member) I am very impressed with the car :) (an EVO 7), but I want to get more power from it.

There seems to be many options to choose from and I was hoping that someone could give me some suggestions?

I am expecting to fit a breather kit of some kind, an exhaust system (for sound as well as performance, the original is too quiet).

I want to do something with the CPU but I would like to have the option of choosing different settings, I go to Santa Pod quite often and I would like to use max horsepower for the run up the strip, but then revert to a milder tune on the road.

Any help and/or advice would be very welcome.

Thanks guys (and gals)

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Re:Advice on performance for the EFO 7

Basically anthing that works on a VI will work on a VII , obviously u have2 get an exhaust , filter etc that fits a VII but the same techniques will work on both cars.

Just trawl thru the previous topics in engine tuning this forum 4 some ideas.

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Re:performance improvements for the EVO 7

Hi Evoboy,

Thanks for the info, I will have a look around. It seems that there are a few options but I was hoping that someone could recommend which options are best.

I ran it at Santa Pod today to see what 1/4 mile times I could get and I was a little bit dissapointed, the best was a 14.2 at 95mph (My XJR was quicker than that). It launched well but towards the final quarter it just seemed to lack top-end performance.

I will change the exhaust and filter and see what happens, then I will try something more radical.


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I am not sure about your dissapointment at your time. If you want to go for that sort of thing, get a dragster :D The 7 Extreme was tested at 13.o secs and 108 mph. That gives you something to aim at. However, you are missing the whole point of an Evo. It is a point to point car and I would like to see your XJR keep up, or for that matter almost anything else. That is unless you find a straight of over a quarter mile!

Exhaust wise, the Hayward and Scott I have is really well made and gives a great sound. It also gives impresive performance gains. Unfortunately, thats all I feel qualified to talk about but look at the spec of some of the cars mentioned on the forum and some of the specials, like the Extreme.

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Re:performance improvements for the EVO 7

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your comments and I agree completely.

My main disappointment was probably due to some 0 to 100 mph figures that have been quoted for the 7, 14.2 to 95 was a LOT slower than the figures I had seen, but still I have already booked it onto a rolling road (Power Engineering are not far away from me). At least I will be able to check that it is currently set up correctly.

As for your comments about point to point you are spot on (of course) what a car!!!! The phrase corners like it is on rails is overused, but it does apply to the EVO.

Unfortunately I also found out that the car has a speed limiter, I was accelerating on the motorway (closed of course :) )and it just die4d at 120mph. Power Engineering confirmed that the import models tend to be limitted and they promised to check it out (or should that be Chuck it out :) )

Once again, thanks for the tips

Steve B (Carfanz)

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performance improvements for the EVO 7

IMHO the best route is to get a programmable ECU, this makes the car ready for any state of tune in the future. You can then fit a two stage boost controller which will give you the flexability you want.

I agree with Evoboy in as much as it's not really a 1/4 mile machine, but you gotta give it a go :) my best is 12.7 in a slightly modded VI ( not for much longer though ;) )

The first thing must be the exhaust, as it makes a big improvement.

Rgds Kevin

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I am only just beginning to explore the handling limits of the car in the dry and yes, it does seem to be on rails. Haven't got it drifting in the dry yet but in the wet, WOW. I have never driven a car that is so easy to drive on the limit. Breakaway is so progresive (probably the SO-2 tyres help) and the adjustability is great, being able to control it with steering or throttle or both.

I could go on for ever like this but it will only bore those who already know and make those who don't really envious. Instead, I will go and get my grin surgically removed :D

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Re:performance improvements for the EFO 7

Thanks for the replies,
Kevin, that sounds like good advice to me, I will check it out, Cheers

Simon, yes, it is the best car I have driven for sheer handling, I am looking forwrd to trying it out on a track day, I may be able to come along on one in November if there is space.

Strangly enough my old London taxi was a LOT quicker 0 to 60 (but that did have an 8.2 litre V8 under the bonnet :) street legal.) The handling was non existent, but by the time you reached a bend you have already made your point. (The 0 to 60 was in the high 3 second range.)

I really like these forums, the natives seem very friendly (especially as I am a newcomer)

Steve B

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Hi Simon
Glad to see you are happy with the S02's!
Talking of XKRs - I gave one a serious whipping yesterday. I beat him on acceleration from 0 - right into ban land and then some 60 to *** runs. You should have seen the look on the guy's face! He was really trying the big XKR had no chance and this was on a straight road!!
Somebody stop me!
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