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That sounds like a ok price to me.
Main things to look for are like buying any car.Check for accident damage and do a hpi.But beware some cars come from isle of man with heavy damage,get repaired and sold over here as "straight cars". Ive seen a few so called cars which are meant to be straight with boots that dont shut,every panel covered in kipper,resprayed front ends and paintwork which looks like stevie wonder has done it!! :crackup:

Also on the IV take it to a decent evo specialist and get them to check for crankwalk as sometimes this appears around 60k
Also see how long has the car been in the uk.if its a fresh one i wouldnt bother unless its seriously cheap eg 3k because a lot that are coming over now have crankwalk.Dont forget they are 10 year old cars now!!

just have a search on the site,theres loads about the IV's

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