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After having a few problems with a garage in Reading (please mail me off line if you would like to know who a), I have had to have my new
Evo IV rebuilt, and need a new turbo, either second hand or brand new.

Ralliart charge over £1,000 for a standard turbo, and another company have offered me a brand new one for £620 |PLS| vat. My other option is to have the original one fixed (if possible, due to oil starvation).

Is the Evo IV Turbo the same as the Evo V and VI? What I mean is exact fit without any modifications? I have been told that the Turbo's on the IV's - VI's have all the same internals (apart from the TM and RS), but the fittings are slightly different. Can anyone please confirm this?

Also, who would I contact for a second hand turbo, or where should I look?
Any help would be much appreciated!

Cheers Debs

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Turbos are as follows:IV TD05HR-16G6-9T
V TD05HR-16G6-10.5T
VI GSR TD05HR-16G6-10.5T
VI RS TD05HRA-16G6-10.5T
TME GSR TD05HR-15GK2-10.5T
TME RS TD05HRA-16G6-10.5T
VII GSR TD05HR-16G6-9.8T
VII RS TD05HRA-16G6-9.8TAll from the famous E7 pdf, HTH.

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Any of the 16g6 turbos from the evo 4 onwards SHOULD have the same CHRA (Garrett speak for centre housing rotating assembly - aka 'core'). Only difference is RS/GSR titanium-aluminide or inconel(steel) turbine wheel. Only one to watch out for is the Mak with the 15GK2. All are marked on the compressor housing.

This means that by swapping on the compressor housing and turbine housing from your E4 turbo you can rebuild the turbo on the cheap.

HH6 had a spare E6 turbo a while back in his for sale list.
Coordsport might have another sale sometime.

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Hi GirlRacer, I have a E4 turbo for sale, it`s off a damaged car....The turbo is.....I would say almost Brand new, but requires a look at to make sure it up tp scratch as the shaft doesn`t turn freely.......offers!!

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Your turbo can b rebuilt by installing a new cartridge , this is the internals of the turbo , including bearings , turbine and compressor wheels etc. It's dead easy 2 do , and as long as the housings (outer casings) have no internal damage it will b as new.
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