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This seems to pop up on here for time to time with threads generally ending with no solution.

Most threads seem to have the "remove the fuse" phrase thrown around but since that stops power to the ABS ECU and hence no signal for the AYC ECU this is generally disregarded.

Got bored so had a flick through the wiring diagrams. Been looking at the feed to the ABS pump motor and a way to disable it.

Dropping a relay in on the power supply looks to be one way of doing it. Power to ABS ECU is still supplied at connection 37 therefore it should still send information to the AYC ECU.

The Hydraulic unit still has power to the valves so they will still function. The problem with this is that it will interfere with the manual braking effort, shutting off the lines under lock up. Disconnecting it could throw up fault 16 (ABS-ECU power supply system (abnormal voltage drop or rise)) depending on where the valve relay monitor line is, that reads the voltage. Splitting the incoming power for the valve may have to be done at position D.

Obviously if the fault code does not have an effect on the AYC function then it would not be an issue.

I have circled the feed in red for ease of understanding. The valve power in is "D".

Please feel free to correct me or point out the obvious if I am missing something.....from a technical point of view only, no need for BS on here about why bother in the first place, if you want to know that go read all the other threads.
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