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I got pulled on the M5 near J13 at 93mph. Bright sunny day, light traffic. Coppers were fine and very complementary on my evo, had a good chat with them about cars in general but still got 3 points and £60 fine. Saw them again on the way back down south as they had pulled a merc at J15. So watch out - they are obviously on a mission. They were sitting on the slip road and used vascar as i travelled up a hill :(.

On a different subject i have just spent a happy couple of hours sorting out the speed converter. The probelm was the speed kept jumping up to massive speeds. I even got a fuel cut at about 170mph. Thinking that it was a bad contact probelem coz it was always worse when the engine was hot or it was raining i took off about half the induction pipework to get to it. Still a right ******* but i didn't fancy removing the inlet manifold. Have put it back together after pinching the contacts in the connectors and taking the strain off the wires. seems better, however i realised whilst leaning over the engine bay i have broken off the small connector on the recirc valve. I have araldited it back on but dunno how effective this will be. I understand why some people have reversed the unit as high boost and with a comparable high pressure drop across the throttle might cause the recirc valve to be forced open. The trouble is when reversed the little spigot is on the wrong side. Looking at the construction of the unit i don't think its possible to chnage this so i assume that you need to fit a longer pipe after reversing the recirc valve?

Has anyone got an OEM recirc valve (those who have fitted a BOV should have spares) as i dunno how long my araldite will hold up?
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