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A Trip to Casualty & the Dumb F*cks in There

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Ended up in A&E this evening for a couple of x-rays (don't ask :rolleyes: ) and whilst sat there this young bird comes in and sits down.

Next thing i notice she's on her mobile phone (theres notice's everywhere saying to turn them off) - i think about pointing it out but think bettter of it so dont bother. Couple of minutes go by and the receptionist notices and tells her to turn it off. Which she does.

After i've seen (the rather nice
) doctor i'm sat in x-ray next to this bird and her Mum who's just turned up. Well blow me the mother then pulls hers phone out and starts texting away :rolleyes: - the daughter points out that she wasnt pleased with been told to turn her's off, so the mother replies "if anyone says anything to me then i'll tell them where to go .."

Where the hell do these people come from? :mad: Dont they think the warning's apply to them? What makes them think they know better than to not turn their phones off when asked to? :rolleyes: Kinda sumed up the attitude that alot of people have nowa days - and obviously the daughter got hers straight from the mother :rolleyes:
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Adamevo1 said:
It's an attitude and a culture that has been brewing in this country for a few years now. Some call it chav, which is born from 'have nots' in a world with many material values out of their reach. Its an attitude of the taxpayer owing them a living. What will it be like in 10 yrs time when the chavs of today are claiming benefit and having 5 kids to get their benefits. Something will snap very soon, and has already started with cutting incapacity benefit claimants by 1 million.
well said, these people should not be given the vote or half the feckin rights they have. put them back in workhouses or at least doing some sort of community service for their rotten giros.
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