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A Trip to Casualty & the Dumb F*cks in There

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Ended up in A&E this evening for a couple of x-rays (don't ask :rolleyes: ) and whilst sat there this young bird comes in and sits down.

Next thing i notice she's on her mobile phone (theres notice's everywhere saying to turn them off) - i think about pointing it out but think bettter of it so dont bother. Couple of minutes go by and the receptionist notices and tells her to turn it off. Which she does.

After i've seen (the rather nice
) doctor i'm sat in x-ray next to this bird and her Mum who's just turned up. Well blow me the mother then pulls hers phone out and starts texting away :rolleyes: - the daughter points out that she wasnt pleased with been told to turn her's off, so the mother replies "if anyone says anything to me then i'll tell them where to go .."

Where the hell do these people come from? :mad: Dont they think the warning's apply to them? What makes them think they know better than to not turn their phones off when asked to? :rolleyes: Kinda sumed up the attitude that alot of people have nowa days - and obviously the daughter got hers straight from the mother :rolleyes:
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I work in the aircraft industry as an enginner and passengers are always told to turn off their mobile phones 'as it affects the aircraft systems' which I can tell you is a crock!

The real reason is so that people are more likely to pay attention to the crew, whilst they are carrying out boarding instructions and safety demonstrations, rather than sitting yapping on their mobiles causing distruption to other passengers who are trying to listen.

Can you imagine an aircraft packed with passengers, half of them on the phone, and a load of annoying ringtones going off every other second, it would be chaos.

It's quite simple for us though, if the passenger does not turn off their phone, or gives us any lip, we'll just off load them, or worse get them arrested! :tsk:

I think the same reason applies in hospitals, it's to try and reduce disruption to other patients, some of whom may be feeling bad enough as it is without a load more noise in their ear!
Reims said:
So why are you not allowed to use personal cd players on planes? I got a right bollocking once and had to turn the thing off ! Is it just incase you don't hear announcements?
You answered your own question, that's exactly the reason why!
The critical period is take-off and landing so they want the passengers full attention just in case of an 'Incident'
Same with not using laptops which may cause an obstruction while trying to evacuate.
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