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A few questions guys

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Hi chaps,

I'm currently considering buying an Evo 2 GSR. I'm trying to build up a few bit sof useful information, so I can judge what I think might be important to do when I buy one.

Are the engines interference engines in standard guise, e.g. no lairy cams etc? So if a belt snaps will it bend the valves?

What are Evo's like to work on?

Are there any really horrible jobs to do on them. I come from an MR2 turbo back ground where timing belts are a nightmare lol.

What are replacement parts like to source? Are the majority of parts such as oil filter, fuel filter, brake discs, driveshafts etc common between Evo's or are the early cars a bit stuffed in this regard. (I read the buyers guide which mentioned that pads were interchangeable from other cars etc).

Are there any major suppliers of parts for the early Evo's who have replacement parts in stock?

Are mistubishi import friendly?

Sorry if these are questions asked on a regular basis.

Many thanks

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the early cars 1-3 are not bad to work on a turbo on and off is 3-4 hours roughly timing belt is around the same
clutchges arent to bad just dont drop the gearox off the car onto ur finger like ive just done (10 stitches) but if u havent done one before id guess 8-10 hours taking it slowly
i had a gtir before and the evo is a etter car to work on by far
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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