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I need a little help please. Today my car cut boost on the way home from work, only a couple of times but still very. So I decided to hook up the laptop to the Autronics ECU and have a look at the errors recorded and see what else might be going on.

The only error was an air temp sensor fault only 1 recorded error which wasn't today!

While idling the car from cold I noticed the A/F ratio was around 12-14 while warming up and after 3 or 4 minutes the rpm settled around 1k. Everything else looked OK, however the A/F ratio started to climb slowly over the prefered 14.7 to approx 23-24 where it hovered around.

I'm going to hook up another A/F ratio meter to see if the ECU is giving reliable numbers.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing the A/F ratio to increase? Or might there be another explanation for the boost cut?
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