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Serviceing by the dealer!

As you may have guessed im not a fan of the dealer service but.... warranty and i had one.

First of all checked my oil - and...... too bloody much - not by a small amont but a good 2cm above the top mark.
The bill.....
Ok not bad if you consider that a new front plate was included... the Ralliart type - available at special order - but £30 before VAT - COME ON! (sorry Global - hated the Scottish flag thing)
Brake de dust.... £3.15 ... expensive wipe with a cloth that. What is worth £3.15 - a tilt of some fluid onto a cloth?
Screen wash - £1.95 .... i've got loads in the garage, i dont need more!!!
Oil Purge - £6.99 .... what consumable is that? Your charged for labour so i would imagine that would cover the cost of the tool for pumping the air out of the active yaw!
18" wiper blade x 2 - £12.02 - there was absolutely nothing wrong with the wipers - nothing!
Wiper 22" refill slim £2.50 - i'm dumbfounded on that one what the f#ck! :confused:
Petrol system purge - £6.99 - ditto the oil purge - however is an evo not one of the best 'purging' machines on the market.
This may seem nit picking on an individual basis but it does all add up, and to a summary of what i had before i went for a service - Garages are there to make money, not for looking after the best interest of your car - the oil....the oil - Just as well i've got my own dip stick pumper to bring it down to the right level!
Tommorrow this will be fully off my chest (well almost!) ..... right now back to my normal cheek ..... i've got wine.....!

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That's why I never ask for a 'service' all the time , when all I want is , say , an oil and filter change , some new plugs and an air filter , then I ask for exactly that , that way they cant rip me off for screenwash and all that shite , I top my washer bottle up every 2 weeks , when I check the oil and do the tyre pressures , so ive no need for that! Also I will be the judge of whether i need any fuel system cleaner.....

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:crackup: That would brake my heart to spend that on a service

As for the over filled oil - they must have had the 1st year yopper working on the job :crackup:

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