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In a word, yep!
I heard about this on an old Lancerforums thread from Claudius (I know, I went briefly to the dark side ;)). Cusco now have two ranges of diffs because of the difference and apparently you can only tell the difference between the two OE diffs by stripping them down. Mitsubishi have no records on what car has what which personally I can totally believe given the front LSD lottery!
It will be interesting to know what the difference is. I am awaiting the details of Clives swap with interest :).

What one in the range are you going for?

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Clive...........Its the diff thats whining , the noise changes with load not rpm or road speed , I agree that it isn't the AYC clutches but suspect
bearing failure causing the preload on the crown wheel and amp; pinion to alter under loading.

I want to install the Cusco ltd slip diff in place of the AYC set up , but carn't find anyone who's actually done this yet , any info would be greatfully received :)


PS...........I've now installed my own 2 poster ramp and amp; employed a mechanic to service all of are company vehicles ourselves as I'm totally ####ed with the useless service / response you get from Main Dealers.

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Hi Dave

The only people I know which have fitted a AYC cusco LSD are Dragon.

Give them a bell (but word of warning Alan there main info guy is on holiday)
U could ask for Yan the mechanic that fitted it. He also test drove it if that helps.

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